Faulty ANC celebration condoms

02 Feb

South Africa has one of the highest infection rates of HIV – the virus that causes Aids – in the world.

South Africa’s leading HIV group has warned that large numbers of “faulty” condoms are in circulation in the Bloemfontein area, despite a recall.

The problem with the condoms was discovered after people complained to the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC).

Health authorities have recalled more than one million condoms handed out ahead of the recent African National Congress centenary celebrations.

They say they are still investigating claims that the condoms are porous.

A batch of 8,700 boxes – which all bore the South African Bureau of Standards stamp – were delivered to guesthouses, hotels, restaurants and bars before the ANC celebrations. (this makes a mockery of products bearing the SABS stamp of approval)

The Free State Health Department says it is recalling the estimated 1.35 million condoms as a “precautionary measure” – and urged the public not to panic.

But TAC’s Sello Mokhalipi told the BBC that condoms “are still out there in large numbers and that is of great concern to us”.

“The complaints are that the condoms broke during intercourse,” he said.

TAC says it conducted its own investigation using some of the condoms that had been handed out for the centenary celebrations and found them to be porous.

“When you poured water in them, the water seeped through,” Mr Mokhalipi said. (Wow!!)

Free State Health Department spokesperson Jabu Mbalula said the health authority could neither confirm nor deny that the condoms are faulty until it has concluded its own tests on the recovered condoms. (will this be on used or un-used condoms?)

This is the first time that Free State province – which has a population of 5.5 million people – has had to recall condoms.

The last major recall of condoms in South Africa was in August 2007 when 20 million were recalled after “hundreds of thousands” were found to be faulty.

Italics are mine 🙂

Info from BBC News Africa.

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One response to “Faulty ANC celebration condoms

  1. paul

    08/02/2012 at 18:31

    This is the second time that the ANC has screwed up (excuse the pun) yet nobody on WP saw the chance to take the mickey out of them. Questions such as how did the SABS give these condoms the green light as being totally safe and within their specifications.
    Nobody even uttered a thing about president Zuma not using a condom previously – did he know they were actually useless? 🙂


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