13 Feb

victim of farm murder

Victim of farm murder

Looking through the papers for the last week I see the following press release below didnt feature at all. Not even a peep out of the SABC either.


It is no longer just white farmers that are being murdered in South Africa. Now the deaths are starting to include black farmers who obtained farms under the infamous land claims as well.

It is easier for some politician or ANC ‘heavy’ to have a farmer murdered, and then buy the farm for practically nothing, than to have to go through the process of buying it on the open market at market related prices.



Issued by: TAU SA 
Enquiries: Mr. Henk van de GraafAssistant General Manager: TAU SACel. 083 411 8229  
date: Thursday February 9, 2012

International Community takes notice of farm killings in SA

TAU SA is experiencing an increase in enquiries from international institutions about murders on farms in South Africa.

This is mainly as a result of a visit by TAU SA’s Assistant General Manager: Communications, Mr Henk van de Graaf, to Europe. Mr Van de Graaf arrived back after a week long information tour focussing on violent crimes on farms. The highlight of his tour was a visit to the European Parliament where he was the key note speaker at a public meeting of European Parliamentarians. During his presentation Mr Van de Graaf pointed out that circumstances in South Africa are even worse than in Zimbabwe. In South Africa 1 554 farmers have been killed on their farmscompared to 24 on Zimbabwean farms. “Institutions like the EU imposed personal sanctions against Mr Mugabe and members of his cabinet. Perhaps the EU should consider imposing personal likewise sanctions on mr Jacob Zuma and members of his cabinet, for not doing enough about this problem. Farm murders in South Africa also need to be declared a crime against humanity,” Van de Graaf said.

“A short extract of the documentary film ‘War of the Flea’ was also shown to the parliamentarians. Especially Steve Hoffmeyr’s remarks on genocide underline TAU SA’s point of view on this issue,” said Van de Graaf.

After the visit to the European parliament, and the handing in of a genocide charge against the South African government at the International Criminial Court in The Hague, international media and social networks took more notice of the situation regarding murders on farms in South Africa. Subsequently TAU SA’s offices received reports of planned actions in several countries, not only in Europe, but also in Australia, Canada and America.

TAU SA’s SMS-line for support to victims of farm attacks, is also performing well. Members of the public can make a R10 donation by sending the message TLUSTOP to 48716.

Internasionale gemeenskap neem kennis van SA Plaasmoorde

TLU SA ontvang tans toenemend navrae vanaf internasionale instellings oor plaasmoorde in Suid-Afrika.

Dit is hoofsaaklik te danke aan ’n besoek wat TLU SA se Assistent-Hoofbestuurder: Kommunikasie, mnr. Henk van de Graaf, aan Europa gebring het. Mnr. Van de Graaf is sopas terug van ’n weeklange inligtingsbesoek aan Europa, waarin hoofsaaklik klem gelê is op plaasmoorde in Suid-Afrika. Die hoogtepunt van sy toer was ’n besoek aan die Europese Parlement waar hy die hoofspreker was byb ’n openbare vergadering van Europese Parlementslede. In sy toespraak het mnr. Van de Graaf daarop gewys dat toestande in Suid-Afrika selfs slegter is as in Zimbabwe. In Suid-Afrika is tot dusver 1 554 boere vermoor, teenoor die 24 in Zimbabwe. “Instellings soos die EU was bereid om persoonlike sanksies teen mnr. Robert Mugabe en sy kabinetslede op te lê. In die lig daarvan dat sake in Suid-Afrika selfs slegter verloop as in Zimbvabwe, behoort die EU dalk ook oorweging te skenk aan die moontlikheid om soortgelyke persoonlike sanksies teen mnr. Zuma en sy kabinetslede in te stel, omdat hulle ook blatant weier om genoeg aan hierdie probleem te doen. Bowendien behoort plaasmoorde kinternasionaal verklaar te word tot ’n Misdaad teen die Mensdom,” het mnr. Van de Graaf gesê.

’n Kort uittreksel uit die dokumentêre rolprent ‘War of the Flea’ is ook aan die EU-parlementslede gewys. Veral die sanger Steve Hoffmeyr se stelling daarop dat daar in Suid-Afrika sprake is van volksmoord, het baie gewis gevoeg tot TLU SA se standpunt hieroor.

Na die besoek aan die Europese Parlement, asook die inhandiging van ’n klagte van Volksmoord teen die SA regering by die Internasionale Strafhof in Den Haag, het internasionale media en die sosiale media deeglik begin kennis neem van die situasie in Suid-Afrika rakende veral plaasmoorde. Seddertdien ontvang TLU SA se hoofkantoor al hoe meer inligting van beoogde aksies oor plaasmoorde en volksmoord, nie net in Europa nie, maar ook Amerika, Kanada en Australië.

Another thing that is very worrying is the attacks bein made on elderly people. Just today there was a report on a 71 year old lady being sliced up. Yesterday there was the report of a 69 year old being raped in front of her grandchildren and so it goes on. What barberians have we let loose in our country?


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20 responses to “Genocide

  1. nosferatu2012

    13/02/2012 at 10:59

    The greatest feat the devil ever completed was to convince the world he doesn’t exist. Genocide in South Africa also “does not exist”.

    You’d be branded as a conspiracy theorist or ironically, a racist if you were to post this on a main stream South African website.

    Quite disgusting actually.

  2. paul

    13/02/2012 at 11:12

    The bit about the devil is so true.

    The pictures I have obtained from police investigating some of the farm murders are some of the worst I have ever seen. As time goes by I will post more of them.
    The crosses on the hill just outside Polekwane for each murdered farmer dont just grow there on their own. And the government cant stop the putting up of the crosses either as they can all be linked to a murder.
    I agree that the majority of people in SA live as if there is nothing happening out there in the rural areas. So the mentality of “if I dont see it, it doesnt exist’ is very real. And with the news glossing over it, it soon becomes news that nobody really take notice of.

  3. thehappyhuggerpencil

    13/02/2012 at 12:21

    The situation is shocking, terrible…I dont have words.


    • paul

      14/02/2012 at 06:54


  4. Twolips2

    13/02/2012 at 12:24

    I hope all those Europeans sit up and think, just as they sat up and thought during the apartheid days!

    • paul

      13/02/2012 at 13:39

      They are just being selective now. Apartheid was a result/accumulation of everything that was inherited from all the Colonial powers who had been here in South Africa. The National Party made the mistake of passing it into law.
      So to appease their conscious, they supported the so-called freedom fighters, and made all the right noises and applied sanctions against our country. Now they feel that they have paid their dues and close a blind eye to what is happening here.

    • paul

      13/02/2012 at 13:41

      Can they still think with all the trouble happening there?

  5. adinparadise

    13/02/2012 at 15:00

    These victims deserve recognition, Paul. I really hope that more notice of this will be taken by those who can do something about it. As far as our government is concerned, it’s just not happening. Disgusting.

    • paul

      14/02/2012 at 06:53

      The TLA is trying as well as Agriforum. The major problem is that we as South Africans have become totally desensitised to these things happening. Just after 1994 if there was a farm murder it made the front page in most newspapers. Everybody was up in arms. Now today it is published in the local newspaper, no mention on TV, and we all just sit back and do nothing about it.

  6. 68ghia

    13/02/2012 at 17:41

    I did not even think of it in that light!!
    Thanks Paul.

    • paul

      14/02/2012 at 06:42


  7. colonialist

    13/02/2012 at 21:52

    One thinks that Zim is where it is all at … those figures are shocking indeed.
    Not a good time to be a farmer, of any part of the spectrum.

    • paul

      14/02/2012 at 06:39

      Zim has gone quite due to the renewed repression of the masses. This happens every time there is an election on the cards. They are still indimidating the remaining farmers who are left and from stories I have heard the MDC seems to getting involved as well. So much for Morgan being the man to save Zim!!. Here in SA the latest item on the governments agenda is to see exactly what each small-holder does to survive. Why do they need to know this?

      • colonialist

        14/02/2012 at 09:34

        Morgan has merely provided a smokescreen. He has about as much leverage as a blade of grass.

      • paul

        14/02/2012 at 09:41

        I would agree with you totally. There are already stirrings out in the ranks of the voters that they want to get rid of him. Wonder if it will be African Style?
        But the promise of change has once again been corrupted by the love of power and money.

  8. Ruth2Day

    14/02/2012 at 06:24

    dreadful indeed!

  9. jaco joubert

    23/02/2012 at 11:52

    Ek was nooit n’ rassis nie tot nou toe

    • paul

      23/02/2012 at 13:27

      Unluckily there are many people who are also reaching that stage. We are actually way behind in what the ANCYL are taught to feel towards us…

  10. kill_all_niggers

    26/02/2012 at 18:13

    kill al black monkey. use poison, guns, hang and more


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