Race now has a problem with welfare!

19 Nov










On Sunday my wife sent me an article that appeared in one of the local newspapers.

Luckily I only opened my mail this morning or my Sunday would have been ruined!

As I have blogged about previously we are the only country where the majority are protected from the minority. Our rainbow nation is supposed to represent a nation united in change, moving forward as one.

Well, we know that jobs, bursaries and tenders are reserved for the black people in our country even though our constitution states we are to be treated equally. The current treatment of the white population is proof that the ANC led government is applying far worse draconian rules than the last white government did.

And now the ANC government has sunk so low that they are even lower than the shadow of snake poo on the bottom of the deepest ocean!!






The ANC now wants to apply new BEE (Black Empowerment Equity) codes to those companies who make donations to welfare organisations. If a company wants to deal with the government or any local council they need to have a high BEE score. If you have a low score you lose out on tenders and the possibility of doing any business with them.

NOW – what Mr Rob Davies, minister of trade and industry, has just made public is that any company who donates money to any welfare organisation that assists any whites or foreigners with any type of aid, will not get any BEE points.

These new codes will affect welfare organisations such as churches, Childline and a host of other welfare organisations.

What Mr Davies fails to take note of is that the NG Kerk (Dutch Reformed Church) gives assistance to more than 1.3 million people of which nearly 90% are black. Childline help more than 1.7 million children of all colours. These figures are also applicable to other institutions where the majority of those needing help are from the black community. So if these new codes become law the ones who will be disadvantaged the most are black people. The government is saying that according to the latest census the majority of the poor in South Africa are found in the black population. Now who is to blame for that? 18 years after they came to power they have NOT uplifted the general population to anything better than what they had under the previous white government. Only a selected few have gone on to be millionaires and billionaires.

Why is it when we need to do some serious nation building, the government comes up with something that only disadvantages the whites of South Africa? When is the world going to wake up and see what is happening here? In the 1930’s Hilter started implementing laws which slowly but surely ended up with the Jewish population being rounded up and put in concentration camps. Since 1994 when the ANC came to power, there have been so many (small) changes made to the laws in South Africa as well as to the supposedly world acclaimed constitution.

Government is supposed to be for all the people and accountable to all the people. There was so much rhetoric in 1994 when the black government came to power (note, I did not say elected) that never again would there be any discrimination in South Africa. Now the proof of the pudding is that they are applying rules and laws against a minority, which would never be allowed in any other civilized country. Integration is moving further and further away from our multi-faceted population.

Maybe it is time for those whites who want to adopt a child to start looking at their own kind. Let’s leave our government to look after their own.

And the ones who will ultimately suffer, will be the children of all colours  



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4 responses to “Race now has a problem with welfare!

  1. 68ghia

    19/11/2012 at 11:34

    We do not live in a fair society.
    I did a post on exactly the same thing a while ago.
    They are pushing us out of the way – and all this just makes me less inclined to help any kind of black charity – why? Are they going to help me when I need it? Give me a job? Food when I stand at a robot? Probably not.
    And so, the divide just becomes bigger and bigger, fueled by cretins at Government level that can’t seem to find their nose with a mirror.

  2. Pussycat44

    19/11/2012 at 17:33

    Life in SA is getting crazier by the day, nay, by the hour!

    • paul

      19/11/2012 at 18:04

      Well I cant keep up with the news anymore! I’m just skimming the surface…

  3. optie

    22/11/2012 at 08:12

    And they are changing the the SETA rules too, a company will only be able to claim back money spent on training black people.


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