Jacob Zuma Incorporated.

07 Dec

Jacob Zuma once again.

After reading the book “Zuma Exposed” by Adriaan Basson, which collates nearly a decade of journalistic investigations into the goings on of Jacob Zuma, one gets an inkling as to why our controversial president isn’t locked away yet.

zuma exposed








As the former head of the ANC’s intelligence unit, Zuma would know everything about the people who surround him and he was quotes as saying in court that if he was taken down he would spill the beans on everybody. Jacob Zuma has through manipulations, cunning and deceit become head of this ANC elite which runs our country as if it was their right to enrich themselves at every turn.

And if someone dares to differ with him, they are demoted, moved or transferred.


Some of the things mentioned and alleged to in the book would in other countries have had the president removed from office and more.

1) Receiving payments from Schabir Shaik,  after Shaik had been convicted for corruption. This on its own should be enough to make it clear that Zuma wasn’t fit to hold office if he couldn’t allegedly even run his own finances

2) The list of charges that were instigated against the president would impress even the most hardened Mafia boss! At one stage there were 783 counts of corruption against him. Charges against Zuma included racketeering, 11 charges by the South African Revenue Services (SARS) and all the corruption charges. Now even if the corruption charges were dropped for the time being, I am sure that those raised by SARS could have been made to stick. If either you or me didn’t declare some income we would be fined and possibly face a jail sentence as well.

3) The intrigue surrounding how and why the case against Zuma were dropped after the so-called spy tapes were produced takes up quite a few pages but is worth reading. My conclusion is that Zuma knew who to remove from office at crucial times and then quickly replace them with allies that he could manipulate to withdraw the case against him. We even have a person moved from an investigative position to the World Bank!

4) The book also covers the Zuma families sudden rise to some serious wealth since Jacob Zuma became president of the ANC and subsequently president of South Africa. I thought about how was it that Jacob Zuma was so poor at one stage that Shabir Shaik was paying his accounts to keep his kids in school? Vivian Reddy had to pay the “loan” on his kraal, Nkandla, because he could not afford it.

5) One thing that that I can agree with Basson is that the allegations made by various ANC sources is that as president of South Africa Jacob Zuma is a man out of control. In the last five years of his presidential term he and his family have cost the taxpayer more than R754 million!

For those that have been following the Jacob Zuma road show, the book does contain a lot of information obtained from various printed media sources, but it does also contain some new information which has been obtained from those who were previously close to Zuma, but are now worried that Zuma no longer has the country and its people in proper focus, and is out to fast-track his wealth accumulation before he retires to Nkandla where he will be safely guarded by his selected protection corp.


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3 responses to “Jacob Zuma Incorporated.

  1. 68ghia

    07/12/2012 at 12:18

    As my brother in law says – he’s got them all by the balls. And he’s squeezing.
    Us too…

  2. adinparadise

    07/12/2012 at 12:49

    This book should be a best seller for Christmas. What a pity so many South African voters can’t read. 😦

  3. Pussycat44

    07/12/2012 at 17:55

    Sounds like an interesting book.


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