some visitors to our garden

18 Feb

birds 10 feb 2013 007

birds 10 feb 2013 011

Woodland Kingfisher. I first thought it was the more common Brownhooded Kingfisher but when checking the colour on the lower mandible I realised that it was black instead of orange. The black markings on the wing dont join up on the back as per the other Kingfishers (Mangrove Kingfisher excluded)

birds 10 feb 2013 001

Baby Hadeda in nest. Unluckily not a very clear shot as the bird kept ducking out of sight as soon as I moved any closer.

Cape Robin 2

A common visitor, the Cape Robin, searching for worms

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Posted by on 18/02/2013 in Envioronment, Photo, South Africa


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One response to “some visitors to our garden

  1. 68ghia

    19/02/2013 at 07:23

    Quite a lucky man you are!!
    Then again, I might even have such birds in my garden, but I just never see them 😉


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