here we go again

15 Jan



It is now 2014 and it is going to be a year filled with changes and challenges for the entire planet. Some will be good and then there will be those that aren’t so good as well.

As far as blogging goes I did have quite a long break last year which was mainly attributable to some serious work pressure. We are finally coming to the end of a multi-million rand project which has been running for the last five years. Last year just got progressively worse as time went by. Towards the end of the year it was a case of meetings, change specifications, more meetings, more changes to a point where days just seemed to blend into one long procession of work, sleep and eat.
I did try keep up with reading those blogs that I follow, and even if I didn’t post anything on your blogs, I took note of what was happening in your lives. This year I am really going to try my utmost to be far more active on my blog and in replying to yours as well.
So to all my blogging buddies may the next year be all you hope for and may you receive all you need.


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2 responses to “here we go again

  1. colonialist

    15/01/2014 at 08:27

    Hope you don’t simply launch into a fresh 5-year cycle of the same thing – although, economically speaking, I suppose that would be positive. It would be good to have a break, though!

  2. matthewsted

    15/01/2014 at 18:50

    Reblogged this on matthewsted.


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