Who, me worry in Africa?

17 Jan

As the rest of the world watched the memorial service for the late Nelson Mandela, a very serious breach of security was playing itself out right next to Pres Obama. It has since come out in the washing, that the person contracted to do the sign language translation was not capable or accredited to do so. He also had no security clearance and is currently under investigation for murder.
In our history here in South Africa, we had another breach of security when in 1966 Dimitry Tsafendas stabbed Dr. Verwoerd to death in the House of Assembly. Tsafendas (who I actually met years later, but that is a story for another day) gained access by posing as a messenger and walked right up to Verwoerd. Before anybody realised what was happening he pulled out a knife and stabbed Verwoerd to death.
I am just glad that nothing like this happened at the memorial service, but it could just as easily have happened. My mind boggles at the repercussions that would have swept across the world if Obama had been killed by a man who the ANC had previously hired for their gathering in Bloemfontein and has now been classed as “unstable”.
At least Zapiro once again came to the rescue, and injected a bit of humour here. For those who haven’t seen the cartoon – ENJOY!!



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3 responses to “Who, me worry in Africa?

  1. colonialist

    17/01/2014 at 20:20

    That was an incredible breach, which should have seen the abrupt dismissal of everyone on the SA and USA security teams. If introduced to a work of fiction, such a scenario would have been condemned by critics as ridiculously implausible.

  2. optie

    18/01/2014 at 10:54

    You just could not make it up !

  3. colonialist

    23/01/2014 at 18:07

    Tsafendas claimed in defence, of course, to have been inspired by a talking tapeworm. How’s that for an unlikely story about an unlikely story?


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