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Lioness 2

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What a cheek!


stirring the crowds

stirring the crowds

Photo – City Press


Take me back, I’ll be good – Malema


The very cheek of some people never fails to amaze me.

My favourite ‘wannabe president one day’ Julius Malema has now suddenly had a change of heart. He is now pleading with the ANC to take him back into the party.

Yet just the other day he was spouting out against ANC saying that he didn’t need them in his life!

After seeing the newspaper headlines  Take me back, I’ll be good – Malema I got to musing if Malema hasn’t got an alternative motive for wanting to be brought back into the security of the ANC party?

Currently there are more than 60 charges that have been brought against Malema. These include racketeering, money laundering, multiple charges of fraud, corruption, and a small matter of owing the revenue services R16 million in unpaid taxes, penalties and interest.

The charge of racketeering that was added against him is very serious as it carried a possible life sentence.( At least Malema and our president Jacob Zuma both share the dubious honour is being charged with racketeering)

Since judgement was obtained by the revenue services I haven’t heard that they followed through and attached any of Malema’s properties or assets in Gauteng or Limpopo.

Now suddenly Malema and his band of fellow expelled cronies, ousted ANCYL spokesperson Floyd Shivambu, and former ANCYL secretary general Sindiso Magaqaare, are willing to behave and act appropriately if they could get their old jobs back. Does Malema really think that president Zuma has such a short memory and that he has forgotten the verbal attacks that he made against the president?

Does Malema think that if he should be welcomed back into the ANC fold that certain high up members will pull enough strings to make all his problems slowly disappear or be ignored? We have seen this happen often enough that it could become a possibility. I can’t think of a better reason for Malema wanting to get back into the ANC party. Never mind that in years to come we might all look back at the ANC and know that instead of being the oldest liberation movement in Africa that they became the most corrupt political party in Africa!

Another thought I had while sitting waiting for the hi-way to be cleared of some serious carnage this morning was: Who is still funding Malema’s lavish life style, as he doesn’t have a paying job or any funds of his own?


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Watch your back in Africa!

Is that a buck under those trees?

It is actually very scary as to what people get up to when there are dangerous animals that could in a flash change your entire outlook on life!

In Africa most animals or reptiles out in the open areas are very capable of terminating your existance here on earth without having to raise to much effort. The lion could leap onto its paws and take one leap right onto the roof of the Land Cruiser. The tourist would in that time not even be able to get his legs into the sun roof!

The other two tourists who are standing in the vehicle would not even have time to turn around to see the danger. One swipe from the lions deadly paw could easily break a humans scrawney neck as well as removing most of their face in the same motion. If the lion ended up inside the vehicle, the driver sitting there all casually would not have the time to reach for a firearm much less being able to use it.

So if you come to Africa – dont do stupid things like this. You (or what is left of you) could end up going back home in the cargo hold in a wooden box.


Published this one of a photographer and leopard doing stupid things as well the other day.




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