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What a cheek!


stirring the crowds

stirring the crowds

Photo – City Press


Take me back, I’ll be good – Malema


The very cheek of some people never fails to amaze me.

My favourite ‘wannabe president one day’ Julius Malema has now suddenly had a change of heart. He is now pleading with the ANC to take him back into the party.

Yet just the other day he was spouting out against ANC saying that he didn’t need them in his life!

After seeing the newspaper headlines  Take me back, I’ll be good – Malema I got to musing if Malema hasn’t got an alternative motive for wanting to be brought back into the security of the ANC party?

Currently there are more than 60 charges that have been brought against Malema. These include racketeering, money laundering, multiple charges of fraud, corruption, and a small matter of owing the revenue services R16 million in unpaid taxes, penalties and interest.

The charge of racketeering that was added against him is very serious as it carried a possible life sentence.( At least Malema and our president Jacob Zuma both share the dubious honour is being charged with racketeering)

Since judgement was obtained by the revenue services I haven’t heard that they followed through and attached any of Malema’s properties or assets in Gauteng or Limpopo.

Now suddenly Malema and his band of fellow expelled cronies, ousted ANCYL spokesperson Floyd Shivambu, and former ANCYL secretary general Sindiso Magaqaare, are willing to behave and act appropriately if they could get their old jobs back. Does Malema really think that president Zuma has such a short memory and that he has forgotten the verbal attacks that he made against the president?

Does Malema think that if he should be welcomed back into the ANC fold that certain high up members will pull enough strings to make all his problems slowly disappear or be ignored? We have seen this happen often enough that it could become a possibility. I can’t think of a better reason for Malema wanting to get back into the ANC party. Never mind that in years to come we might all look back at the ANC and know that instead of being the oldest liberation movement in Africa that they became the most corrupt political party in Africa!

Another thought I had while sitting waiting for the hi-way to be cleared of some serious carnage this morning was: Who is still funding Malema’s lavish life style, as he doesn’t have a paying job or any funds of his own?


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Zapiro strikes again!

Zapiro on the ANC conference taking place















I must give all credit to Zapiro for managing in one cartoon to highlight a few going’s on here in South Africa. He has included Cele and the building lease scandal, Angie Motshekga and the non delivery of schools books (I believe the transport company may be family related?), the buying of a new plane for the president when there are enough anyway, and of course my loyal friend Julius Malema up to tricks again! Also a street vendor selling tenders.


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Nelson Mandela under attack!

This morning while watching the news which is normally totally boring at that time of the day, I nearly did a double take when the news reader mentioned that some young South African blacks want Nelson Mandela to apologize to them for ‘selling them out’ in 1994 to the whites!

  Now I must admit that my knowledge of what happened just prior to 1994 and thereafter doesn’t quite have Nelson Mandela selling out anybody, especially the blacks at the time. Whites were reasonably upset with FW de Klerk and his negotiators for handing over the country to the blacks and many felt that the Nationalist Party had sold out the whites. 

I was waiting for the news reader to say that there had been a mistake and that the news item was not true. She could have have said that some ‘third force’ had infiltrated the news room and placed the fictional news report in the hopes of stirring up bad feelings prior to the appeal of Julius Malema which was to happen later in the day. But no such thing! So it seems that the youth really want Nelson Mandela to apologize.

Here we have a person (Nelson Mandela) who is revered throughout the world as a statesman, who managed to avert a civil war in South Africa, and steered the country in the right direction while he was president. He cannot be blamed for what his successors have got up after he left the office of president. But what I found interesting, is that where once upon a time in our rainbow nation, nobody within the ANC, or a black person to be more specific, would even think of of bad mouthing Nelson Mandela. Are there now cracks starting to appear in the black masses which previously vented their anger and frustrations against a white minority which were, and still are, blamed for anything and everything which goes wrong in South Africa?  

How deep do these new divisions go? Are we now seeing a generation who no longer consider their leaders, previous and current, as being holy cows that they cannot touch? How far are they willing to go to get their ideologies across to the masses out there? Now that Julius Malema has used up all avenues to be re-instated as youth leader of the ANC, are we going to see these radical youths who have now challenged Nelson Mandela, follow Julius Malema and ripping the rainbow nation apart?

  It is just a thought.



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Political war on the horizon


Picture by JERM.

Last night while catching up on some South African news on the local TV channel there was an interview with one of our stand-up comedians, Julius Malema (joke!), at an event arranged by the National Press Club. What caught my attention was the fact that although he has been expelled from the ANC (current ruling party in South Africa) he still wears his beret with an ANC badge and was keeping the cold out with a track suit top with various ANC badges and logos. Wonder if he will wear a DA (opposition party) T-shirt if I sent him one, even though he isn’t a member of the DA either?  

But joking aside, here we had Julius Malema on public TV throwing down the gauntlet to president Zuma and supporters of the president that he, Julius Malema, would become the leader of the ANC!

To quote Julius – “I will lead this ANC. You must put it on the archive. I am going to be a leader of the African National Congress, It doesn’t matter what time it takes, I will lead the African National Congress,” he said.

My musings on being expelled or not were side tracked for a few minutes when Julius mentioned he had been summoned by the youth league from Limpopo (province in northern part of South Africa) where he had been tending cattle. Just can’t imagine Julius sitting on a rock watching over a few head of cattle while aspiring to be the leader of the biggest political party in South Africa!

Further musings got me wondering why the National Press Club would actually invite Julius and former ANCYL secretary general Sindiso Magaqa, who is also suspended from the ANC, to come talk to them? Could it be that the Press Club is punting for Julius and wants to keep him in the limelight?


If you want to aspire to the top positions in politics you need to make sure that you get all your facts in a row and keep your side clean.

Enter the current Human Settlements Minister Tokyo Sexwale who at one stage partly owned Mvelaphanda Holdings  which is reported as paying R1000 000 to Malema’s Ratanang Family Trust which is currently under investigation.

Now it seems to me that Sexwale is seriously considering moving on to become ANC president. And being friendly to Julius Malema could help him with this aspiration. If memory serves me correctly, Sexwale was the one who pleaded for mercy for him during the firebrand’s ANC disciplinary hearing.      If Julius helps Sexwale, it can be expected that Sexwale will be grateful, and ensure that Julius get his wishes as well. That is the nature of politics.


I then got to thinking about a new acronym that is doing the rounds, ABZ (“Anything But Zuma”), which would be what Sexwale is hoping for in the next few months. Certain provinces in South Africa, particularly the Eastern Cape, Limpopo (Juilius’s home province), Western Cape and Gauteng want to get rid of president Zuma.

Another person who has been reported as being an ally of Julius is our esteemed  Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe who suddenly seems a bit reluctant to take up the challenge of lifting Zuma from being president. But if Julius gets to be leader of the ANC, why not help Motlanthe get what he wants?


What will happen if Sexwale and Motlanthe are both hoping for backing from Julius and it falls apart? The donations made to Julius via his Trust account have now come under investigation and we also have SARS (SA Revenue Services) allegedly wanting  quite a few million from Malema. Figures being bandied about range from R10 million to R27 million with Julius himself claiming it could be closer to R120 million (SMS to City Press by Julius himself). Not that I believe Julius, I think he is throwing that type of figure around for sensationalism.

So anything can happen in the run up to the ANC conference in Bloemfontein (re-named to Mangaung).


It is also reported that Sexwale was deployed by the ANC to appear on stage last Friday with Zuma at the ANC’s ­KwaZulu-Natal provincial conference in Newcastle.  Here Sexwale had to participate in singing some pro-Zuma songs.

 Among the songs sung was “Washis’ iskipa sikaZuma sakufak’ amavolovolo wema!” (loosely translated as, “You burn a Zuma T-shirt, we’ll shoot you!”). Nice to know that from our president to his followers the first option is to shoot anybody burning a T-shirt to show opposition to the president! Is this a democracy?

So from my view it would seem that last Fridays charade of Zuma and Sexwale being united is just that, a charade.

I will be following the on-going saga with great interest.

At least we can say that politics in Africa are not dull!!


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