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Endless work on our hi-ways

For the last few years we have had constant work being done to the road surface of the hi-way between Pretoria and Johannesburg/Randburg.

It seems that just as they finish doing all the patching up of the supposedly new surfaces, theystart 005all over again as if it is sheltered employment!






Needless to say there are thousands of small pebbles being flung up by the cars using the hi-way. This can be seen in the bright specks in the photo. It is now the second time that a stone has been flicked up and found it’s way to damaging the radiator thus causing it to leak. I got home with my temp gauge warning light on for the last 40kms and coolant oozing out between the fins of the radiator.

Being a BMW Dakar, obtaining an original radiator at a good price is just not possible. So now I will be scouting out all the salvage companies to see if they may any second-hand ones for sale at a price I can afford.

It is sad to think that the hi-way which they intend to toll, is really in a very bad state already!


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