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Friday post

There was an article in the news today that a son of a government official crashed her official carwhile she was sleeping after attending some official function.

Now my question is did she give him permission, or did he just take the car hoping she didn’t wake up while he was out joy-riding?

As far as I know the rules around official vehicles is that only designated drivers are allowed to use the vehicle.  So the next statement from Madonsela is very interesting as it would seem to imply that not all is well……“I will submit myself to internal processes regarding the use of state vehicles in line with my terms and conditions of my employment. I have already made contact with the owners of the affected property and agreed to compensate them for the damage,” Now if mommy has contacted the owners of the property and offered to pay without checking insurance etc then personally I think she is trying to get out of this mess as quickly as possible!

Public Protector Thuli Madonsela said she would allow the law to take its course. Not that she can really say anything different under the circumstances.

So with her son screwing up it could possibly cost her her job. Tough break but in her position as Public Protector there must never be any scandal attached to position.


 Just some idle musing while driving to work…


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