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Marikana follow up.

It has been quite a while that I haven’t blogged due to various reasons. I just haven’t been able to do so even though there were so many things happening here in South Africa and in the rest of the world that really needed to be blogged about. I have tried to read most of the blogs that I follow, and really apologize for not even saying that I have read them 😦

Last week I went camping with the family at a place called Buffelspoort. What is unique about this is that it is adjacent to a small town/siding called Marikana. This is very near the place where the massacre of the miners took place. And here we were going about our camping as if nothing of the magnitude that shook the rest of the world had happened! The local population were going about their business as if nothing had occurred. The same went for the holiday makers. How callous we all seem to have become.

I got to thinking about it and wondered if we had had become this way due to the deluge of bad news that bombards us each and every day. Is it just a defense mechanism that we humans have that makes us push the bad things so far back in our brains that we continue as if they had never happened?


I will hopefully post a photo or two that I took while there within the next week or so. All one sees is peaceful hills without a hint of what happened near there.


In light of the commission appointed by President Zuma (wonder if this might be his last chance to appoint a commission?) I will eagerly wait for the cover up to be made public as per the normal state of affairs before passing further comments as to the various claims that have been made that the police in actual fact had fired gas grenades (and shot some observers overlooking the miners) which actually caused them to run straight towards the waiting police. But let’s wait and see.


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